For this set, I was once again assisted by my friends Ray, BJ and Kyndra.. The photography was handled quite capably by Tony Dathan , and the model was the impressively fit and healthy Monique Constant (who I think does have some sort of online presence, but which I don't have a link to).

This set is a bit of a treat for me, in that it's a design I came up with fully six and a half years ago, and never, never thought I was ever actually going to get around to completing; I was prepared to consign it to the far reaches of an old sketchbook when Monique expressed an interest in it and ultimately breathed new life into it. Bully for her!

This is my second set in a row using metallic paints, and I'm really very happy with them. They're produced by a company called Pebeo, which in my lengthy experience makes the best acrylic paint on the market for doing body painting on a budget.

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