This is actually an old design I came up with years and years ago, and so perhaps a bit simple compared with some of my more recent ones. Still, I quite like it, perhaps because of that simplicity.

The primary colours I applied to it, I think, work well with that design, giving it a simple, almost childishly innocent vibe which appeals to me. It is in part a reflection of this that the model and I decided to go with a kind of mid 1980s aesthetic and approach to the look of this set, since for me, that era, of course, was my childhood. The model is the obviously-lovely Naomi Ogawa, who I would quite like to work with again sometime. Though quite new to the whole "modeling" thing, she managed to come up with some quite inspired poses once she got into the swing of things.

The photographer, who on livejournal is known as j_brisby, is someone I've been wanting to work with for some time now, and who I am quite pleased by the results of my collaboration with.

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