This one was another one that was a long time coming.

This model, alternately known as Isabelle Guns and Heavenly Rain, contacted me by means of my photographer’s profile at, asking me if I’d be interested in working with her. I’m always open to models willing to work for free, so of course I leapt for it. I got a photo of her and created this design specifically for her. Soon thereafter, I arranged to have her over along with a few assistants, as it was a fairly daunting design, and I was still pretty new at this at that time.

Well, two of the assistants never showed up, and the third got there an hour and a half late. The design was a disaster, and I made some rookie mistakes which I would never make today. In the end, by the time it was finished, it was such a ruin that I couldn’t bring myself to photograph it. We decided to schedule another time when we could try again and get it right.

Shortly thereafter, she vanished. Poof. Gone. Not a peep for months. I sat on the design, unwilling to use it on another model in the meantime, since it was quite specifically hers, but I began to lose heart. Then, finally, we made contact again, just a month or so ago, and all went according to plan this time. Two assistants were on-hand, and I was much smarter about how I applied the design this time (specifically, applying a black base coat and then painting on the red and white circles on top, rather than painting them first and then painting black around them). As you can see, the job went off great. My only complaint is the model’s relative lack of flexibility, which led to a fairly limited set of interesting poses. Of course, compared to my next set; ShadowDancing, all models are inflexible.

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