Here's one I am very happy to finally have finished. In the many months since I first conceived of this design, many people have expressed an interest in it, but the opportunity to bring it to life just never came up. Thanks to my special girl here, though, at long last, it's brought to beautiful realization.

My third blacklight design, obviously, and actually my second attempt at doing this one. The first attempt taught me an important lesson about body painting: Until you learn that you can trust a model implicity, never ever pay one in advance, either in cash or services. An unscrupulous, dishonest and/or ungreatful one can, for example, decide she's too tired to finish the photo shoot and leave while the design is but half-way complete. As I learned to my enrmous anger.

But no matter, now!

So anyhow. Observe and speculate. Mystic symbols of eldritch might, or just a bunch of random nonsense I threw together for purely aesthetic purposes? Regardless, enjoy.


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