My first collaboration with photographer M. Scott Ault and his beautiful wife and model, Jamie.One which I'm really quite inordinately pleased with. Between my ideas, Jamie's modelling, and M. Scott's photographic skills, we really came up with something special here. I encourage the whole lot of ye to check out Mr. Ault's homepage.

So anyways. No few of my fas have pointed out how comc-booky many of my designs are. At a certain point, you just stop fighting your influences and instead embrace them. This is that point, for me, as I create my most blatantly super-villainous design ever.

While this isn't the first time that I've had a design of mine accessorized, it is by far the finest; Jamie and I picked out the fabrics for the cape, and Jamie employed her not-inconsiderable skills as a seamsters to put it together for this very set. Because, you know, is something is worth doing, it's worth over-doing, as I always say.

Hope y'all enjoy this one. I fully intend to work with these two again when the opportunity again presents itself.

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