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"That was pretty awesome. Five days it took me to construct this strip".

"Now, I will begin by saying that, yes, I'm a fool. I mean, what the hell am I thinking, writing a strip that takes place in a car? How in any conception of reality does that work, given the technical limitations I impose upon myself by means of this form of comic construction? These characters, though they have an ever-growing range of poses they can assume in the strip, are nevertheless not prepped to be sitting in a car".

"I wonder: Is it just self-loathing, like there's some little goblin in the back of my head, cackling to itself as it hijacks my creative process and forces me, against my own best interests, to write this strip, saying 'Let's see him work THIS into his style! Hah, hah, hah! I have highlighted the weakness of his creative style!'"...?

"Or is it some schism in my creative mind, wherein one voice is screaming at another 'DON'T YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU CAN'T DO! JUST DO IT, DAMN YOUR FILTHY BONES!!!"?

"Well, whatever. Done is done. Took me ages. Not, in fairness, just because of the technical problems with constructing the strip, but because of various social obligations, not least of all my best friend from high school being in town for a week, and crashing out on my couch for the time being. We haven't seen each other in person in about six years, so we're really capitalizing on the time".