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"You know, I bet Chris would just be laughing his ass off if he could overhear this discussion, what with Charlotte's smugness about taking over as Dave's teacher. You know, until the end of the conversation there. We'll be seeing his reaction to that bit soon enough...".

"So, I hear today that 51% of americans don't believe that evolution takes place, and that humans were just created out of a pile of dirt by some invisible flying spaghetti monster (or something like that). Now, my readers know that I do not hold the United States of America in very high esteem. Numbers like this would seem to bear this estimation out. Still, I acknowledge that most of my readers do not fall under this category. And it for this reason that I feel safe in giving the following suggestion:"

"I suggest that if someone does not believe in evolution, they should be denied any new vaccinations for the rest of their lives. After all, if they don't believe that things evolve, then they must believe that viruses don't evolve either, right? Therefore, all the vaccinations they have now will be sufficient for life, right? These viruses will never evolve any resistance to any existing vaccines, right? Cool".

"When or if the current rumblings of the Avian Bird Flue mutating into a form which can affect humans bear out... well, I guess all those folks who claim not to believe in evolution will have to assume that the scientists and reporters and politicians who are telling them that the people who are dying from it are lying, because EVOLUTION DOES NOT HAPPEN, right? RIGHT? And they won't try to protect themselves or their families against this NEW strain, because it doesn't EXIST, RIGHT?!?"

"Fucking mouth-breathers".

"So, anyways. New voting incentive up. I think you'll like it. I've re-done strip #10, which I know is mostly exciting only to me. Also check out the cast entries of all seven main characters for something I should have done ages and ages ago".