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"Oh, those two guys".

"You know, when the day comes that I'm done writing D&V - and this is a long way off. I reckon it'll be around strip #250 or so that I'll have told the story there is to tell - I could see myself doing another comic called Colin & Henry. I just love writing these two together".

"So anyways. I received another fan comic today. You can view it here if you want. Both this and the last one I got are now to be found in the Extras section. Let me ask you something, though. What is it with you people and making me into a pink-haired cat person thing? I mean, I've never SAID that that's the thing which would nauseate and outrage me more than anything else, short of being depicted as a christian... but somehow, you people just KNOW. You know, and you exploit it. I don't get it. I really don't. What is it about me which is so revelatory of character that you people are all able to infer this about my character? You people are sick".