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"You know, when you're doing a comic which includes necromancy AND comedy, it can be tricky at times. Luckily for ME, at least, I find massive internal hemhorraging HILLARIOUS"!

"And now, as to something else..."

"Hey-o, folks".

"With Arc #4 drawing to a close, I feel like taking just a little break from the story for a while - say, a week - while I gear up for arc #5. This need not be a loss, though, for you, the readers. Far from it".

"See, I've got this big backlog of voting incentives I can't use because those good folks at TWC don't seem to be the sorts of people who check or respsond to e-mails. I'd love to give 'em up, but I'm loathe to just give 'em away for free, you know? I put a lot of work into them with the idea in my head that they would be a form of bribe to you, the audience".

"So, synthesis: You folks do something which allows me to take a week off while regular updates happen, and some bonus extras wll be yours. Or, to be more clear, I'm asking for guest strips from the lot o' ye, and if I see 'em, then you'll see your bonus material. Sound good? Rock on".

"Four quick rules:

1) No censoring swear words. I don't want random ascii characters in the place of the word Fuck. It offends me. It FUCKING offends me. Fuckers.

2) Try an' make the strip something like the same dimensions I do. It's just easier that way.

3) The strip needs to star at least one established D&V character. I don't care who. As long as this happens, go nuts with who or what else you want to put in there. Let your imagination be as an incontinent bird, soaring high and free, and leaving warm, moist offerings for those far below you.

4) I don't care what art style you go with. I really don't. Indeed, I'd love to see what you might come up with. Just make the art more sophisticated than stick figures, dig? I gotta hold my site to some kind of standards".

"If I like the strips enough, I might even make them canon. Who's to say? If you feel like you gots the art skillz, but lack confidence in your writing, I reckon I could send you a script or two to work from. I've got enough un-used one-shot deals to go around, I reckon".

"Deadline for submission is February 12th. If I get at least five that I like, then it'll be an unprecedented mon-fri update schedule the week afterwards".

"E-mail me if you've any thoughts, questions, or submissions".

Any questions except for what this thing is, that is! Hah!