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"Let me tell you, gents, there is NOTHING more romantic than a castle full of necromancers and the walking undead at sunset".

"And so, after SIXTY-SEVEN STRIPS, at long last, the status quo has been reached, and the set-up for the rest of the series has been attained".

"No, I'm seriously not shitting you here. I actually do think that long-term. I wrote this strip well over a year ago. In a way, I almost can't believe I'm actually seeing it in front of me now".

"So anyways. Just got a short epilogue for story arc #4 to get through - wrapping up things with BJ and Tigger - and then we're on to arc #5. I hope you folks have enjoyed the meat and potatoes of story arc #4. It's been a lengthy one, no doubt about that".

"So, then. A few odds and ends. Our ranking on TWC continues to rise, which is wicked-awesome by any count. We're up 11 ranks from, like 3 strips ago. I'm most impressed. Although I'm quite unimpressed by the guys at TWC, who still haven't responded yet, although I've now sent three sets of e-mails. If they ever get back to me, I can get you folks some voting incentives, including one which ScaryBug of Pirate Jesus calls - and I quote - extremely awesome. If any of you can find a way to motivate the TWC guys to respond to my request, there's a cool 3 points in it for you".

"And speaking of points, I recently finished reading Homeward Bound, by Harry Turtledove, which was sent to me by devoted reader Jonathan Litwinowicz (and for which he received an unprecedented ten points). I was entirely satisfied by this conclusion to the sweeping 90 year epic of alternate history which began in 1942 and concludes here in 2031. This book provides a level of closure rare for a Turtledove story, and I cannot even imagine a fan of the series not being delighted by the conclusion, nor can I imagine any fan of this strip not being delighted by the fact that the Soviet Union's first interstellar starship is named The Molotov. Much joy".

"Oh, and one last thing. It's been brought to my attention that there's something I'd thought I'd made clear, but which certain readers seem vague on. I referenced it in the cast pages a couple of times, but I guess not everyone reads those. Chris and Captain Morgan live in the same apartment building as Dave & Vyacheslav. I thought the circumstances in which they've just happened to run into one another, like when Chris was doing his laundry, might have made that clear, but maybe I was wrong. So anyways. There you go".


Huh? What's that supposed to be?