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"Gettin' real close to the end of this storyline, and I'm still having fun with it Like to think a few of you are, too.?

"So anyways. I would have had this strip up a couple of days ago, but the folks at Top Web Comics are being slow as all get out to get back to me on a matter which would allow me to add voting incentives - and I've got inccentives, man. Incentives like you'd be incented by to a degree which would startle not just you, but your mama as well".

"I'm not sure what I'm implying in this".

"But anyways. Vote like crazy. Tell your friends and family, because dagnabbit, I want to get back up into the 20's. It strikes me that when VM there asks you if you've voted TODAY, more likely than not, your honest answer would need to be NO. I'm just tellin' it like it is, folks. you know it. I know it. Your mama knows it".

"Oh, and by the way, I've finished re-vamping the cast section with one last addition".


Huh? What's that supposed to be?