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"Oh, man, did that ever take a long time to create".

"Okay, time to peer behind the curtain just a little bit. Now, I like to have light sources remain constant in this strip. Usually, the light is coming down from the upper left. I design my character art this way. What's more, I usually decide, like 'This character will tend to be on the left side of the panel, so all the light will be hitting his face this way in every illustration, whereas this other fellow will usually be on the other side, so the light will hit him in the oposite way'".

"Sometimes I'll be forced to make an exception because the way the dialogue goes necessitates it. Usually when I do, I'll try to find a way to wiggle around a bit and make the light source just seem to be between two people so that though the light hits them from oposite directions, there's a reason. But I always dislike doing so. It strikes me as lazy".

"Now, with this strip, Chris is on the left in every panel. Have a close look at how the light strikes him, and see if you can get why this strip took a few more days than normal to create. I think, all told, I had to create 13 new pieces of character art for this one, which makes it the most ambitious strip ever".

"So, this having been said, I will also say that this is one of my favourite scripts ever, in terms of character development and dialogue. I hope you all like it as much".

"As to the donation bar thing, I'm a-workin' on it. I'm having some difficulty on the PayPal side of things, though. Patience".

"Oh, damn! One more thing! There's gonna be a crowd scene in the next little bit. Feel like being a brief cameo? E-mail me! I'll let you know the poses I'll need"!