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"Okay, alright! New comic for you! I hope that you enjoy it and laughter is to be had! For - HA HA! - laughter is one of the more enjoyable things for you to do when you read a comic strip! Ha-ha"!

"Once again, this comic reminds me of my favourite personality trait to write: hypocrisy. It's just so fun. It opens up all kinds of doors".

"So, the donation bar thing seems to be gaining some traction. I'll be working on that in the next little bit. For those of you who have wondered what an 'extra' comic might be: It's a comic which isn't a part of the main storyline, but which takes place in the same world, the same characters, and the same timeline. Like, 'meanwhile, somewhere else...'. It's bonus comedy. And it would go up in ADDITION to the two to three comics I'd put up that week. I've got a load of ideas for this, so it should go smoothly, I think".

"Anything else? Um. Don't have sex with dogs. I'm pretty sure that's illegal. And unhygenic. Jason Engel, I'm talking to you".