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"If I had titles for individual strips, I'd call this one 'Dave Tells It Like It Is'".

"(Have a look at the extras section if this reference is lost upon you)"

"Ten points go to anyone who comes up with the best illustrations of Dave's little tale there. Let's say seven to the runner up and three to all other entrants. The winner's entry will also become an easter egg within this strip within the archives, for all time, and for all people".

"So, anyways, for those who are curious, the banner up top there is my half of a link exchange that's goin' on between D&V and another comic called Pirate Jesus. It's got pirates, robots, blasphemy, and all that other stuff that you folks know I love. How could I not be a fan? If you like D&V, it seems likely to me that PJ will also be up your ally".

"And to you readers of Pirate Jesus checkin' us out for the first time, welcome, ye. Let me be suggestin' that ye look back t'strip number one an' read ye'r way forwards t'the current point iff'n ye be wantin' t'get all the in jokes and refeences this strip's becomin' rife with".

"Last thing: I didn't get a lot of positive feedback on the exclusive-strips-as-rewards-for-community-service idea I floated last week, so how about this idea? Donation bar. Once the donation bar gets filled up, everyone gets a bonus strip. Let's say, every hundred bucks or so. Like that? Do you? Then e-mail me, and I'll get that going".