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"For the record, the comic updates more-or-less on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. I make no claims as to what time of the day these updates will take place. It might be more fair to think of updates as being by-tuesday, by-thursday and by-saturday. And even then, I'm going to miss some updates once in a while, thanks to my other work, like my body painting and such. There's only so many hours in a week".

"So, we're on to story #4: "Convention Season". As many of my firends know, I've been waiting a long, long time to gt this story going. In a way, I can hardly believe it's here. I will say this right now: by the time this story is done, Dave & Vyacheslav will have it's status quo. Yes, it's taken this long".

"So anyways. Vote D&V. Today, tomorrow, and every day. I'll be your friend if you do".