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"Please welcome aboard our newest member of the crew: The man, the legend, the advertising tool: Captain Henry Morgan"!

"Micro-quick history lesson! Captain Morgan was a privateer who worked for the British crown back in the seventeenth century. Known for his brutality and callous disregard for all human life, he was eventually rewarded by being given the governorship of the island of Jamaica. He was a great lover of alcohol and bloodshed, and produced both himself throughout much of his life".

"I hope it's obvious that the entire strip here takes place in Dave & Vyacheslav's front hallway, and that Dave is greeting people as they come through the door. It was a bit tough to figure out how to get that across without making the production of the strip take an extra three hours. And it was pretty time-consuming as it was. That Captain Morgan takes forever to draw".

"Oh, and if you don't get part of the pro/con graph there, I suggest you read the blurb below strip #22 for clarity's sake. Those of you who don't need to: Cudos"!