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"Nyargh. Look at it, it's almost monday, and here I am putting up friday's comic. What a disgrace. I ought to say the comic 'updates two or threee times a week', and leave that as the schedule"

"Anyways, there's the end of Pastor Tim. Will he rise again as a zombie, having been killed by one? Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not. Yeah. And before you send me your hate mail, bear in mind that he was a creepy creepy man who did things to children which were unspeakable unless you make use of words like "buggery". And also, his religion made no sense. So you can't say "Hey, I'm a member of the First Church of Jesus Christ, Astronaut, and as an astronautian, I find this stereotype highly offensive", because you're not! Nobody is! So there"!

"Oh, man. Two more strips, and then we're done with this storyline! I can't wait"! .