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"Hrm. Well, obviously, it's been a while since the last strip. What can I say? After that system crash, it took a long, long time before I got enough artwork done to feel ready to do another strip. Losing about twenty hours of work had something of a demoralizing effect on me, I suppose".

"But hey! Check it out: Almost all new art. And without the rush of a deadline which I apparently gave a shit about, I was able to do some quality stuff, I think. Now, just to stay on schedule without this excuse to fall back upon anymore...".

"Bonus! Finally got something in the Extras section. Want to know what? TOUGH! Because from now on, it's only accessable by ME! Hah! Fuck you, fans"!

"No, no, I kid. I kid because I'm filled with contempt towards you. You can go have a look. It's this wallpaper. Put it on your computers at work, and when people ask you who Vyacheslav is, just glare at them furiously, and tell them to look it up themselves. Hopefully, they'll find this site doing their google searches. See? Free advertising for me, and bad feelings at work for you! Everybody wins"!













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