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"The epic saga begins"!

"The creation of this strip is quite the tale. I was still trying to create new content for the New Deal every wednesday, and a new wednesday had rolled along without my having anything to put on the site. At around 2:00 AM, I had the idea to create a comic strip which had a baffling premise and which I wouldn't have to hand-draw anything in the creation of (since I had no access to a scanner at the time). I had just finished reading Harry Turtledove's 'World War' series of novels, in which Vyacheslav Molotov was one of the main characters, and, well... the rest of that story sort of tells itself".

"Thirteen hours after I had the idea, I was uploading the first strip, with no clear idea where the story was going or, really, what the strip was about. From humble beginnings, as they say..."

"About a year later, having grown sick of the awful and inexpert artwork I spet those 13 hours creating, I replace it with a new comic with an identical script, but which took me all of 45 minutes to throw together. And it looks about a hundred times better. If you want to see how right I am, behold here the original version. Bitter irony, that".