"This one, for those of you whose perceptual skills aren't quite up to the human norm, is a collaboration with long-time fan Steve Cudmore (who previously contributed one of my favourite fan comics), based upon one of my scripts. You'll be seeing a few more of these in the near future, before we get back to the main plotline. This is a process I really, really enjoy. Collaboration, I mean: Not stalling. Collaborating with another artist and seeing how they'll bring my words to life. Fills my heart with glee, it does, and I think that by combining the creative energies of two or more people in a non-committee setting, youcan come up with some very interesting stuff. See, this is why I can't stand comic book writer John Byrne anymore: He does all his own pencilling, inking, AND writing. Why? Not because he's talented (though I will grant you that, once upon a time, he really was!). But because he's so viciously opposed to other peoples' ideas contaminating his pristine little world that he can no longer handle it.

The upshot of this is: If there are any other aspiring artists out there that are interested in these sorts of collaborations, I'm always up for it. I have a backlog of scripts just waiting to go".

"As to this strip in particular: This is something I'd been wanting to do since briefly after Story Arc #2: 'Cause, like, this show provides Dave with all of his income, remember? A lot of people forget that. It seemed important to me that people should see where his blood money was coming from".







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