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Colin Macdonald wallpaper!


BJ Summers Wallpaper!


Super Mario Wallpaper!



Colin Tell is Like it Is

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Christmas Chronicles '04


Zombie Jesus Wallpapaper!


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Fan Comics

The Undead Pirates and Prime Minisiters Pub Lunch, by Tom Barlow and Jay Steen

BJ's Nightmare, by Patrick Schaldemose and Ian

The Psychomotive Engine, by Steve Cudmore



An Ode to Nothing in Particular, Starring Dave Littler and BJ Summers

Mr. Easter Bunny Man, Starring Dave Littler

Good Luck!, Starring Dave Littler

Spider Maniac, Starring Dave Littler


Not much here yet, no. Such is fate. Usually capricious, and often unkind.

But. While I plan to put some more stuff up here on my own, I invite you folks to come up with your own contributions. Fan art. Promotional crap. Erotic FanFics. Whatever. Go wild. It'll reflect upon you, not me, so what do I care, right? Let history be your judge.


You're looking at it, compost-brain.