You're looking at it, compost-brain.

One day, I'm gonna be a lightningbug!



















"And we're back".

"That's a phrase I find, looking back upon the archives, I've had cause to use entirely too often. But, what the heck".

"As those of you who've been keeping up with my LiveJournal know, I've been keeping myself busy these past four months or so. Working hard on my portfolio, in advance of my trying to net a job working at one of the local video game companies. But you folks know me all to well. You know that I thrive on attention like most folks thrive on air. All the e-mails and postings and such have had the effect that I know you all meant for them to have on me: You reminded me of how much I appreciate having an audience for my nonsense".

"So! I'm gonna start slow here. Tuesday and Saturday update schedule for a couple of weeks, until people realize that the comic's back. Then we'll see about a faster update schedule. I'll also spend this time to get out a bunch of more unconventional stuff. Some tangential stuff, some more Colin Tells it Like it Is strips, and some great collaborations I've done with some other artists (the first of which you'll see this weekend). In the mean time, I'll be keeping the voting incentives coming. You'll see some sweet ones in the next few days".

"So, this having been said: I've only been to the United States twice, and I never saw, like, half of the stuff Colin here is talking about. But he tends to be a pretty reliable source of information, so I'm willing to assume that it's all legit. I know my brief and nightmarish experience in the maelstrom of unpleasantness which is Sacramento seems to confirm all of this, at least in principle".




















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