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"Kind of a short one here, which is a shame, in and of itself, but in light of its unavoidable lateness (being the product of my being unavoidably away from my computer nearly all weekend long), it's not so bad, because part 5 is coming in... 24 hours or so".

"After which, we return to our regularly scheduled story".

"Anyways, because I'm not feeling very verbose today, I just feel like sharing a few links to some interesting things from the past week or so".

"This is an MP3 of this past thursday's Mike Mallow show, on Air America Radio. Skip ahead to the last... half hour or so. Famed actor and fucking lunatic Christopher Walken talks about his bid for the American presidency in 2008. It defies description. I've got a rash, and the only creme is Walken 2008. I've got an illness, and the only treatment is Walken for President. I've got a tumour, and the only treatment... is President Walken!"

"This over here is a report on a study which I could have predicted the results of, but which I'm pleased to finally see the other side admitting. See, something christians are always throwing in my face as a supposed defense of their theism is the argument that without a fear of god, people would just fall into amorality, anarchy, bloodshed, rape, and murder. As it turns out, just the oposite is true. The democratic societies with the largest numbers of atheists and agnostics tnd to be the least crime and strife-ridden. The countries with the most religion tend to be seething septic pits. I guess when you feel like your best buddy, the creator of the universe, will forgive anything, it becomes a lot easier to tell yourself it's okay to do all sorts of terrible things".

"On a related note, this here is probably the best-worded and clearly-stated explanation for atheism in the modern world I have ever read".

"Lastly (and this here's a big NSFW), this here is an anomoly. There's this sleazy little porn site, it seems, where the webmaster is willing to trade memberships for photos from the fields of war and occupation in Iraq. The thing is, his motivations are nearly laudible: He wants for there to be this outlet for images which the mainstream press will never, ever touch, so that people can see the true face of war. This is american taxpayer dollars at work in all their uncensored glory".



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