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"Part one of a five-parter which is the product of a collaboration between myself and an elven girl who calls herself 'Feather of Ornegon', otherwise known in some circles as 'Maggie Bones'. She seems to be a fan of that whole 'decompressed storytelling' approach which is so big these days; spreading a story out over the course of several pages. None of my crazy-assed 13-panels-per-page stuff.

"Worth noting: This is heavily based upon a true story. I'll let you figure out which details are made up for yourself, giving you only these two clues: I do own an axe, and I don't live with a communist".

"Anyways. New voting incentive up. Some multimedia fun. Hear Colin Macdonald sing!"

"Lastly! An ideas that's been kicking around in my head for a long time now, and which I think people might enjoy. I know I would enjoy my part in it: A sort of letters column. You, the fans, write in letters to the D&V character of your choice. I, in turn, turn whatever responses I can amusingly answer into strips. These strips become voting incentives, and alter appear in the Extras section. Anyone interested? E-mail! Click Click Click!