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Pastor Tim

Pat was one of the many workers and peasants who make up the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ted's Shoe Depot; the store/worker's paradise/communist oligarchy which Vyacheslav ruled over with a dubiously-firm fist. When he lost his best friend, Dug, to the voracious apetite of Colin, he formulated a plan for revenge which sort of backfired, as it failed to stop Colin, but did result in the destruction of the SSRTSD. He quit in disgust and went home to fume. His favourite colour is green, and his favourite number is four.






Little is known about the cat who lives with Dave & Vyacheslav. He is rumoured to belong to their enigmatic other room-mate, Aaron, though details are sparse. He claims to have been sent to teach Dave how to use his powers, although who sent him and why is yet a mystery.

Dave loathes him as he loathes nobody and nothing else on Earth, as the very idea of a talking cat offends him beyond all reason. What powers he has to teach are a bit of a mystery, also, though there are hints, not the least of which is his role in the death and ressurection of BJ...

Also, he fucking hacks up hairballs like you wouldn't believe. I mean, seriously, what cat even grows enough hair to account for all that crap?


In life, Andy Kaufman was perhaps the greatest and most innovative entertainer of all time. When he died, he left a void which has never been completely filled. It was with these facts in mind that Dave, when he first found he had the power to raise the dead, decided that if anybody who'd ever died ought to be brought back, it was Andy. Something went amiss, though, and Andy didn't come back quite right. He wasn't quite as funny as he was before, he wasn't quite as not-rotting as he was before, and he wasn't quite as not-hungry-for-brains as he was before either. All of these are problems which Dave felt the need to address, when he, BJ, and Pastor Tim went and hunted him down in an allyway, at the cost of Pastor Tim's life.

Andy now hosts a late-night talk show, ominously named "me Want Brains, With Andy Kaufman", out of Los Angeles, California.

Tim was a pastor at the First Church of Jesus Christ, Astronaut: a heretical church in Vancouver, BC. He was a little sketchy and for some reason has an abiding fear of representatives of Child Protective Services. It's probably best not to thinmk about that last bit too much.

In the end, he was hoodwinked by Dave into acting as a decoy in the hunt for Andy Kaufman in a startlingly callous act on Dave's aprt, and had his brain eated in an allyway, where his body was left to rot.











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