One of my abiding fascinations; using the human body as a canvas.

Over the years, I've grown steadily better and better, though I'm the first to admit that I still have much to learn. Nevertheless, my work meets with increasing critical acclaim, and professional attention. From humble beginnings in which I was working my primitive digital camera myself to the sophisticated collaborations with teams of photographers and their assistants which predominate the work I do today, my body painting work is an ever-evolving artform.

Though my mind overflows with new ideas for designs and sets, my truest pleasure working in this field has been collaborating with talented and creative models and photographers, who have brought their own ideas, concepts, and creative energies into the mix. Though I have no small number of photographers and models who I have worked with in the past and/or plan to work with in the future, I'm always open to new collaborations. To that end, if you are a photographer or model living in the Vancouver, BC area, I encourage you to drop me a line.




Black & White & Red All OverQuarter Panda With CheeseChocobatNeoProto Ragtime GirlAngular indigo
London BlitzSunrise BlueOrca MorkaEmerald RowsUltra Violet
JunebugLiesure & ReminiscencePhantom MaskSlipstream



Bogus OccultScarlet BlissOrbital RedShadow Dancing
The Scorpion HuntressDouble NegativeFlightsuit



TangentRorschach CabaretRainforest Wild
Smoke & Mirrors
Crimson NoctourneSquare SpiralIndigo Wings
Golden SunThe Constant MechanismTechnoGothicPrimary Causes

Disruption PatternAquatica

All Dolled Up