January, 2005

It had been a long, long time since I had ad-libbed a design, and indeed, this is the first time I ever did so for a design which would cover the entire body. All told, for a design with no advance planning or preparation of any kind, I think the design is rather attractive.

Another first is this model, who has a physique the likes of which I have been waiting to work with for years. Streamline and aqueline in a way no model I've ever worked with before is, she provided me with a work environment which I honestly couldn't have asked for better-than.

So anyways. A very lively, very organic looking design; much more so than most I've done, and certainly any I've done recently. Flowing lines and swirling, branching patterns which fly in the face of anything I've done in the past year. It makes me a happy little painter to see it.

The full set can be viewed here.