June 2005

I'd had this idea to draw a humanoid robot who had no huge protrusions or any other major deviations from human morphology, with all of the cables and pistons and such on the outside. Something you could dress up in human clothes and have them fit without the need for alterations, you know?

Once I had my rough concept down, I realized I wanted for this fellow to be doing something. I'm not sure at what moment I decided he should be standing next to is motorcycle, but in retrospect, that was perhaps not my finest moment.

I'd never drawn a motorcycle before, you see, and they're much trickier devices to draw than I had initially imagined. Especially in light of my decision to draw one which incorporated many of the same design elements of its robotic rider, rather than being any extant motorcycle. It took quite a few hours to get it just right, but I must admit, it turned out alright for a first attempt at drawing this type of device.