July 2003


I like dwarves. And yucky things. And... well, there needs to be henchmen in stories, sometimes. Thus: Plaguebait.

I’d been doing a couple of pictures in this style of composition at the time, and I still think it’s kind of neat, with a large image of the character’s face accompanying an image of their entire body.

Anyways. The concept here is that the character was the victim of a rotting disease which was steadily destroying his body, until he made a deal with a god of disease, which offered him surcease from his imminent demise, but at the cost of having his body turned into an incubator for all manner of disfiguring but non-terminal infections. Now, this poor little fellow serves his dark master as a vector for all manner of plague, in return for a forestalling of the deterioration of his body which would otherwise immediately ensue.