SPSP 03: Jormangundr

July 2004

Second in a set. The first can be found here.

A bit of comission work which I didn't finish due to the fact that my friend, who comissioned it, lost interest in the project in question. Nevertheless, I'm proud of the design. Jormangundr is a figure from Norse mythology; a serpent which encircles the Earth. The details I was given for this design were this: As with the other designs of the prospective set, it was to be a giant humanoid dragon, encased in robotic armour, which had a nod to the mythologicaal figure whose name it takes. Therefore, I desiced this one ought to be lanky and serpentine. I gave the legs an extra joint in order to give an impression of sliteriness, and the finges were long and tapering and smooth for the same purposes. The colour scheme was dictated to me, and was one I wasn't thrilled with, but which I think I went with to an alright degree. The wings were an afterthought, and were never comleted, with many detasils yet to be added, though proportionately they're looking alright here.