Jeff Davis (2 of 2)

October 2003

Does it look like I've put a bit more detail work into the design for this puppy than usual? Good eye! There's a reason for this: This is one of several bits of commissioned art I've been doing lately. A fellow I know wanted some pictures of his character, Jeff, whom he plays in an online roleplaying game (specifically, White Wolf's New Bremen game), and wanted some visuals for.

So, for this piece: This is Jeff after he's transformed into a Fomor; a creature posessed by an evil spirit and transformed by this fusion. In his case, the vain but hideously deformed Jeff was posessed by a spirit of raw desire, and changed into a being who was described to me as being "Somewhat androginous, somewhat unearthly, with extremely long, flowing black hair". He was also described as being highly attractive, and the leader of a small cult. The end result you see below. I'm quite proud of it.

Number three is on its way.

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