February 2005

I'm inordinately pleased with this offering. There's this Hindu goddess named Kali, see, who's this blue-skinned warrior-woman with four arms. I love this image. It's neat. I mean, I'll be honest when I say I have at least as many problems with Hinduism as I have with christianity, but dang if they don't come up with some marvelous imagery in their mythology.

And so we have this six-armed warrior woman, whom I call Hyperkali. Obviously, a different notion, but I dig it. I envision a lot of different use one could put four floating, mentally-controlled robot arms to. Like, imagine if you have two of them pick you up and carry you aloft as two others wield guns to cover you while you move. If this isn't a video game protagonist in the making, I don't know what is.

And so I remind you, copyright copyright copyright! Mine, damn you all! Mine!



Fighterman! Fighterman!