February 2004

This piece was created as a gift for the daughter of a friend of mine. The mother was planning on doing some modelling for me, and in addition to looking over my photographic work on my website with her daughter, she also went over all of my hand-drawn work. Her daughter loved my drawings, but commented that there were "too few girls". Well, I set right about rectifying this.

That night, I created this character; a female action hero which was simple and bold enough to appeal to a child. I laid down some simple colours and e-mailed it the next day. The girl was delighted, and wrote an e-mail thanking me. It sent a warm fuzzy feeling through my being which persisted for days.

The single element of the design I'm most proud of here is the wings, which I'd evnisoned as invisible planes of force, which could be seen only as areas where light passing through them is refracted and bent off-course. I still love the concept.