The Eternal Duel

September, 2005

I like the colours here. I've been playing around with light sources a lot lately, and this is one of my neater experiments with that.

So, anyways. This one was created for an online game; they'd wanted a new login screen, and comissioned me to do this for them. I decided to take a character design which I'd used once before in connection with this game - my dwarven character who I gave the enormously imposing name 'Mr Special', and pit him against a dark elf.

Now, dark elves in this game were pretty poorly defined, and no original artowrk of them had ever been created (this being a text-based game), so I suggested, just to give them their own distinct character, tha they could be sort of albino cave elves, with chalk-white skin and bulging red eyes. In the murky light of this cave here, that white skin don't look too white, but I still like how the eyes look.